Family R.O.C.S.
Afrah Caraballo

Contact Information:
108 E Cheyenne Rd
Ste. 200
Colorado Springs,
CO 80906

Phone: 719.205.1977
Fax: 719.630.1394

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Family ROCS is an organization committed to the mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being of individuals and their families. Our primary goal is to facilitate the relationship reconnections need to heal and manage life. Using a psychotherapeutic approach to educate and empower its clients, Family ROCS aims to facilitate healthy relationships among and between family members and the community.

Credentials & Areas of Expertise:
• License Clinical Social Worker
• EMDR Levels 1 & 2 and with Children
• Trauma and Recovery Specialist
• Trauma Classes, Support Groups
• PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression
   Adjustment Disorders
• Therapy for Groups, Couples,
   and Individuals
• Trainings for Community Agencies
• Treatment and Advocacy


We are offering free workshops twice a month through May at the following Libraries.

Cheyenne Mountain Library 01/02/2016
Monument Library 01/23/2016
Fountain Library 02/06/2016
High Prairie Library 03/05/2016
Ruth Holley Library 03/26/2016
Rockrimmon Library 04/02/2016
East Library 04/23/2016
Old Colorado City Library 05/07/2016
21 C Library 05/28/2016

All workshops are from 1:00pm until 3:00pm
Fee to the public and all are welcome to attend. The workshop is ideal for anyone interested in understanding how to interact with others following a traumatic event.
More information can be found at click on programs/events link, scroll down and click on more, find the date and time that best fit your availability.

The topic is Trauma and Recovery Education for the Community

Participants will learn the meaning of trauma, as well as the causes, effects and resulting behaviors of trauma. The workshop will address various diagnoses (Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and PTSD) as well as various treatment modalities (DBT, CBT, CPT and EMDR). Bring paper and pen to take notes.

Connecting &

Post-Traumatic Stress Derailment: A Trauma Survivor's Guide to Getting Back on Track

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