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Step into the incredible world of Afrah Caraballo, a clinical therapist who harnesses the amazing power of art therapy to guide individuals through life changing workshops, both in-person and online. These workshops are all about  group art therapy, where we delve into specific topics and offer participants a  unique blend of creativity and healing. These sessions are far  from your average art classes – they are genuine therapeutic experiences that have the potential to truly transform your life.

Now, healing is always important, but as we enter the winter season, it becomes even more crucial to embark on this incredible journey of healing. It’s like having a  cozy blanket of support to help you navigate the challenges that lie ahead. And the best part? There’s absolutely no judgment here. This group is a safe space for everyone, where you can be your authentic self and find solace in the power of art  therapy. So come on in and let’s kickstart this amazing journey together! Sign Up Today.

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